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whAt DiD thE olD womAn givE to thE poor mAn?什...

what did the old woman give to the poor man? 那老妇人给了穷人什么? The doctor promised that the medicine would ease the poor man of his headache. 医生保证这种药可以解除这个可怜人的头痛。

They may give the animals shots(注射) and tell...woman and a young girl about twelve years old ...He also delivers the beer to the island’s ...

and then the little old man walked to the cash...“How poor the old people are!” The people ...A. The old lady wasn’t hungry at all. B. ...

hungry 是形容词 而die of 后跟名词或动词ing 形式 hunger 是名词

B 有的同学一看到句中的 regard 和选项中的 as,马上就联想到 regard … as … (把……当作……)这一搭配,从而断定此题应选A。但是错了,原因是将此搭配套入原句,句子意思不通。正确答案是B,句意为“我们大家都很同情这位老人”。


小题1:medical小题2:available小题3:development小题4:dreamed/ dreamt小题5:upstairs 小题1:考查固定搭配。medical是形容词,medical treatment“医学治疗”。故填medical。小题2:考查形容词。available“可获得的,可得到的”。故填available。小...

c.ask for money b.he is a kind man a.often b.surprised d.not honest

was counting;one by one。 The poor man was counting the people passing by him one by one, but no one noticed him at all. 这个可怜的人(穷人)在数着一个一个从身边经过的人,但没有人注意到他。

不对。not only... but also 连接的应该是两个并列的成分,形式应该是一样的。 The poor man was not only arrested, but also sent to prison as well.才是对的。

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